Ten eLearning considerations before you take the plunge

  1. Would you appreciate the flexibility of completing studies from virtually anywhere, like the comfort of your home, office, or a wi-fi enabled cafe?
  2. With online courses, there are no commutation, parking or babysitting expenses to incur. Consider those savings and the fact that online courses are typically less costly. Is that important to you?
  3. Does the idea of study that fits into your life, family and work schedule appeal to you, versus having to reschedule responsibilities around your classes?
  4. Does the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from students or faculty via email appeal to you?
  5. Would you like it if your instructors were accessible and approachable?
  6. Does having 24/7 access to course materials, available from anywhere fit into your schedule?
  7. Would a help desk for online learning students appeal to you?
  8. Does taking a course via your computer seem less intimidating than taking the same course in a classroom filled with students of a younger generation?
  9. Are you looking forward to sharpening your internet skills?
  10. Are you excited?


If you answered YES to every question, you’re really ready to move forward.  Even if you answered NO to one or two, take the leap. You’re going to be fine!  Be sure to review our resource guide and when you are ready to begin, you can start your search here.