What is eLearning, online learning, and blended learning?

To put it simply, eLearning (often called online learning) is learning on the internet.

Many universities around the globe are now offering accredited online learning courses that you can take over the internet without ever going to a physical classroom. You can study at home, at work, at a café or wherever you like… and sometimes whenever you like. Your classmates might be from around the corner or from around the world. There may be online tests and assignments, and participation in online discussions between instructor and student is a common component, as is student-to-student collaboration. In most cases, online study is less expensive than in-person classes, and because you can study from anywhere—with higher learning institutions from everywhere—there are more choices than what might be available to you locally.

Courses that include face-to-face participation are what is known as ‘blended learning’, which is a hybrid of online and in-person study. While a substantial portion of blended course content is delivered over the web there are often a number of sessions that will require you to be in attendance at a physical location, so make sure you understand the on-campus requirements before enrolling in any blended program.


Online Learning Blended Learning
It’s convenient. Often you can login at anytime from anywhere and you will usually have 24/7 access to course materials. However some lectures, participatory sessions, assignments and tests may have firm timeframes. There is a mix of online activities and assessments as well as in-person sessions that may require you to be in attendance at a specific place and time.
Interactive and engaging. Required to be on campus less often than traditional education.
No commuting costs. Commuting as required by in-person sessions.
Course content, faculty, and degrees offered are often identical to traditional education offerings. Course content, faculty, and degrees offered are often identical to traditional education offerings but students experience the best of both on-campus and online features in a course.
Allows degree completion. Allows degree completion.


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