Which path is right for you?


This path is suited for those of you who, perhaps, took a few college courses before getting sidetracked by family or other obligations.  Now you feel it’s the right time to upgrade your skills and really get your career off the ground.  We’re guessing that while you’re excited about the idea of online courses, you want to find the right degree program and may need some help getting started.  Let us be your guide. 


You were close to getting that degree and always intended to finish. Now you want to move ahead but know you need to go back for the credits you’re lacking to get that diploma! You need to find an online program that meets your specific needs and fits in with your hectic work and family life.  Let us be your guide. 


Your time in the military has served you well but you believe a college degree is mandatory to get ahead.  You’ve likely successfully passed a number of military courses already. Now you want to get into college, get the degree you need, and get out into the “real world” as quickly as possible.  Because of your military service, you’re eligible for many adult learning benefits.  Let us be your guide.


Are you ready to reinvent yourself or get ahead in your current career, and wondering if online learning is for you?  If you’ve got a lot of practical experience and are willing to go back to school but you’re not sure you have the technical skills or aptitude for e-learning,  we can help you get started in new and relevant online courses that can directly impact your advancement. Let us be your guide. 


You are over 55 with time to learn and have decided to explore your passions in more depth.  Maybe now’s the time to take some of the college courses you never got around to finishing?  While there may be many good academic options nearby, if you’re also curious about online learning we can offer some valuable advice before you get started.  Let us be your guide.